New psychology service helps you connect with more customers

Is psychology the missing link in your communications?

There are many, many designers, but unfortunately, most of them aren’t experts in psychology. Yes there is engaging and effective design, lots of it. And yes, adding psychology to your communications can dramatically boost cut through and effectiveness. But only when you bring design and psychology together do you really reap the benefits.

We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new services portfolio. A range of psychological tools to incorporate into your designs to help your communications cut through & connect.

Decision Hierarchies – Apply psychology to your decision hierarchy & consumers won’t make their decision because it is logical. They’ll buy because they perceive your brand helped them feel that it’s to their advantage to do so. Introducing a psychological category layout increased brand share by 6%

In-store promotions – With the current addiction to special offers and in-store promotions, isn’t it time you got to the science behind how and why some offers work better than others? Psychology helped us reduce the price reduction and still increase sales by 9%

Print – To optimise your communications, understand the workings of the minds of your customers.  Apply psychological levers to make your messages more resonant. Adding psychology to confectionery print increased sales by 11%

Packaging – You need to get your packaging right, right? It can make people feel excited, eager, safe or secure and persuade them to buy the products within. But your packaging can also be the reason behind why your brand isn’t selected. So don’t take chances with packaging design. A single psychological change to the pack design resulted in a 23% sales uplift

Websites – Having a well-designed website takes time, expertise and investment. But if the visitors who get to your site don’t engage and ‘behave’ as you want them to, you might as well not have a web presence at all. The introduction of added psychology doubled time on a site and cut the bounce rate by 60%

Path to Purchase – Based on 30 years of analysing psychology & behaviour. Enhanced with key learnings from leading psychologists from academia, we have an enormous database of 800+ communications insights. A single psychological lever prised open a £113,000,000 sales opportunity

POP Displays – Often, your brand has but a brief instant to grab the attention of your target consumer. We’ll make sure you maximise that vital moment in time. Incorporating psychology lead to a share of sales uplift of 350%

Photoshoots – Psychology of facial expressions: Humans can tell a posed (fake) smile from a genuine one… …in 100th of a second! Make sure your brand isn’t linked to fakery in any way. More natural imagery more than doubled consumer propensity to purchase

PowerPoint Presentations – The messages you present are important, they need to be heard. Use the latest psychological & behavioural insights to help your presentations to better connect and engage with your audience. 90% of a presentation gets often forgotten within a few hours. Psychology can reduce that to nearer 20%

There you have it, proof if it were needed of the power of psychology. If you lack the time or budget to conduct a full design review or concept research. The next best thing is Bridge 87 Analysis.

Access 30 years of psychology enhanced with key learnings from leading psychologists from around the globe. Tap into quite simply the most comprehensive database of psychological insights available.

So if you’re looking for knowledge, a rewarding adventure, and real competitive advantage, contact us today.

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